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AI modul A07

Modern, timeless residential module with floor-to-ceiling windows

AI modul V07

36.8 m²

Living area

11.5 x 3.2 x 3.2 m


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Occupancy limit

Into nature

The module is equipped with everything you need! A fully furnished kitchen, bar, and wardrobe will simplify and expedite the entire process of using the module. The modern and timeless exterior design of this module not only blends well with nature but also captivates at first glance. It embraces eco-friendly design principles, with a simplified frame design and a traditional yet efficient layout, making it suitable for various scenarios. The coziness of the module is enhanced by electric blackout curtains, allowing you to enjoy complete privacy.
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Půdorys Ai modul A07

Intelligent voice control

Simplify your basic household tasks and set your lighting, temperature, and other devices according to your preferences with voice commands.

Key card switch

An innovative device that combines security and convenience. Feel safer with the simple setup of the key card.


Whether you have the module in the city or in the countryside, soundproofing will ensure complete privacy and quietness, which we believe is important for you both during work and relaxation.

Control of lights and curtains

With a simple button, you can create the atmosphere according to your preferences and synchronize the lighting with the movement of the curtains for a perfect and elegant interior.

Smart lock

With the option to open and lock via a smart phone or voice commands, your home becomes even safer and more adaptable to your needs.

Prefab, quickly installable

We can place the module almost anywhere for you; it’s up to you to choose and select the location. Thanks to prefabrication, production is very fast and efficient.

Safe and durable


Wind resistance

Level 7

Earthquake resistance



No fear of wind and rain

  • Galvanized steel frame, aluminum sandwich panels
  • Shell made of fluorocarbon aluminum alloy
  • Insulated (100 mm PUR), waterproof, and moisture-resistant construction.
  • Double-chamber triple glazing (tempered triple glazing)
  • Panoramic roof with electric blackout curtains
  • Stainless steel entry door with side hinges
  • Supporting legs

Length 11.5 m

Width 3.2 m

HEIGHT 3.2 m

Living area 36.8 m²

Weight 9 tons

Capacity 9.9KW/15.4KW (floor heating)

Ai modul bez pozadí

Outstanding interior decoration

  • Kitchenette with a bar
  • Wardrobe
  • Integrated modular ceiling and wall
  • SPC vinyl flooring
  • Electric water heater
  • Wall-mounted air conditioning
  • Electric underfloor heating
  • Throughout the house plumbing and electrical installation system
  • Sink with bathroom mirror
  • Toilet / faucet / shower / floor drain
  • Bathroom hook / shelf / towel rack
  • Glass doors to the bathroom
  • Marble floor in the bathroom
  • LED ambient lighting throughout the house
  • Blackout curtains
  • Mesh insect screens throughout the module

PRICE STARTING FROM 1,489,000 CZK excluding VAT

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