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Residential modules

Housing of the future

Are you looking for a combination of modern technologies combined with unconventional design?

We live in the age of smart technologies, and our residential modules bring this vision into everyday life. Whether in the heart of the city or in the solitude of nature. Enter a new era of living where comfort, sustainability, and modern technology converge. With our residential modules, you’ll experience a life without compromises. Welcome to the future of living – welcome home!

Make a change, choose one of the residential modules

Obytný modul v přírodě s terasou

Our residential modules feature a fully steel frame and a shell made of aluminum alloy. All modules feature a timeless interior design, characterized by a simple yet cozy layout. To enhance coziness, electric blinds and curtains are included, allowing you to have complete privacy. In addition to their unique technological design, our modules are equipped with panoramic glass, allowing you to be in close contact with nature. Lovers of open spaces will appreciate the option of a module with a balcony, while others may prefer fully equipped modules. We have unlimited options; we can provide you with the module in its basic configuration or go beyond the price framework by adding a kitchen, wardrobe, or bedroom.

Long lifespan

The construction of our modules consists of aluminum sandwich panels and has a galvanized steel frame with a shell made of fluorocarbon aluminum alloy.

Cost-effective operation

Insulation is one of the key features that can affect your daily operating costs, which is why our thermal insulation has a thickness of 100 mm PUR.

Peace anywhere

Whether you have the module in the city or in the countryside, soundproofing will ensure complete privacy and quietness, which we believe is important for you both during work and relaxation.

Fast production

We can place the module almost anywhere for you; it’s up to you to choose and select the location. Thanks to prefabrication, production is very fast and efficient.

Maintain technological innovation
Create an amazing mobile life.

Rozbor ai modulu stavba

Residential modules have everything you need for glamping, camping, short-term accommodation, or even cottage living! But they’re not just for rural living; they’re designed to meet the needs of urban life with immediate access to nature.

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